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jackiesells's Journal

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hair clip designs
commission info
Yugioh cards
welcome to jackiesells!
this here is leloucia's attempt at selling off things without paying Ebay fees so she can go to ComicCon in San Diego this summer ^^;

this shop specializes in Yugioh trading cards with a few other anime goods. commissions for my felt hair clips will also be taken here.

to contact me for anything related to this community, please send me a message via my journal or by email: wearestarz [at] gmail [dot] com.

items of note
- all prices are in USD.
- Paypal is preferred method of payment; however if you absolutely cannot use it I am willing to work something out.
- items ship from Arizona. I am willing to work with you if you need an item shipped outside the US - as long as you're willing to pay for the shipping. ^^;
- all items/commission slots are first come first serve. you may request a hold on an item, but it is only good for 24 hours from your request. at this time, I am not accepting holds on commission slots.
- all Yugioh cards are in near-mint condition, unless otherwise stated.
- if you would like a picture/HQ scan of any item, feel free to send me a message.
- I do my best to give accurate descriptions for my items. if for some reason you feel the item was not described accurately, I will gladly refund you for the purchase price [shipping is up to you].